There was the world, there was magic, there was monsters, there were people and the world moved on and on. kingdoms were formed, republics were constructed,and dictatorships rose. That all changed on the day that we discovered that despite exploring almost all of the corners of the world that there was far more within than it once seemed. The discovery of the Infinite Below gave rise to the Salvager’s Union and with their salvaging operations gave rise to magical and technological advancements our world would have took lifetimes to come to unaided. Gold while still valuable had is shine in the public eye dulled upon the discovery of new metals. New professions were created and commerce and trade was at an all time high. But old grudges run as deep as the tunnels below and war is on the horizon, but to us Delvers it is all just another day at work we go below, we scout the new sites and with blade, blood and ingenuity we dig ever deeper into the wonders below.