A New Life


I’m not sure what happened. The avatar was there and talking about his interests. All of the images depicting his rise to power. I felt drawn. It felt right. All this time I had been driven to glorify my clan in as spectacular a way as possible. But I never felt my clan would approve of me as I was. I had been outcast for my unconventional ways, just before the pirates attacked. By the time I found out, it was too late to save anyone. All that was left was vengeance. The pirates had had such an easy time with the clan, they never thought one of us could actually fight. They learned better. I didn’t just wade into them, that would’ve been suicide. No I set traps, sabotaged their ship, poisoned their supplies, picked them off slowly, until they were sick, tired, demoralized. Then, what was left of them, could not put up a decent fight when I came. I challenged the captain first. He was overconfident, the surprise on his face permanently hanging over the ruins of the town hall. The rest surrendered. I tied them all together like a prison train, then I executed them. The first two didn’t understand what was happening. The next three screamed for mercy and law. The last one just bared his neck for the cut. His was the hardest, because he knew he deserved it, and accepted it. I’ve been in limbo ever since.

Then he showed me a way. A way for personal peace, and clan acceptance. They did not like the mercenary I was. I think they would accept the Champion I am becoming.



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