...And Jump In the Fire!

So all is said and done. The keep we’ve named Somewhere is pretty much ours to do with as we please. Cool, because I’ve always wanted a keep! The thing is defensible, we know that for a certainty. And it’s former owners, welllll… they have no use for it now.

Seems they were all up to summoning some nasty thing, but we put the kibosh on that in a hurry. It had eyes and mouths everywhere when it appeared, but cold steel was good enough to put it down after some effort. Not sure what the bosses want us to do with the prisoners, but the keep is the Guild’s now.

So maybe with this jump into the fire, we’ve earned ourselves some newfound respect. And a chance at a more in-depth exploration! Seems this place was some kind of research facility.

Although with the creature we slew to gain control over this place being what it was, I’m certain further exploration will be a very interesting ride.

But now we have a keep, so there’s that!



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