Cold Trails & Hot Bodies

To Grozniv

So we’ve been up and down the halls of Somewhere, and recovered… a girl. From the past. Well, maybe not so much a girl. She looks like one, but her body was engineered by Xethanians it seems. Her name’s Vodella, a sexy looking thing but I’m not so sure she understands biological imperatives. I like her in a sort of lost puppy dog way, and I don’t want to see her get hurt.

But we’ve been set to a new task, so I guess I won’t be seeing to her safety anymore. Professor Flynn gave us the choice to go to either Grozniv or Guttenberg for our next assignment. Seems we are doing well, performance-wise. We decided to go to someplace that wasn’t a desolate prison island.

But Grozniv is cold as hell. Even the winter clothes we’ve acquired don’t quite seem to keep a chill off. On the ride up, I saw a prime sample of Grozniv manhood, though. Tall, burly, muscular, bearded… what’s not to love? He took off when we arrived at our destination before I thought to ask his name (or maybe I just forgot what with all that delicious muscle blinding me), but I’d sure love for him to warm my bed while we are here.

Gotta focus on the job at hand.

There’s a tunnel we have to check out. Vellmarson raiders are attacking the people stationed there and living nearby, so it’s our duty to find out what’s in that tunnel that is so important and how to stop the raids. The Priest guy mentioned Dragon Cobras living around there as well. Said they were dangerous as hell. I’d love to see what all the fuss is about.

I slept alone last night; it’s good to keep a sort of tension just under the surface when we are about to do a job, it keeps me on edge. I’ll have to find a way to relieve it once we are done though. Hmmm… wish I had gotten that big beautiful guy’s name.



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