Ender Solfaine

Dragonblood Elementalist



  • Hometown: Foundation
  • Faith: Lady Luck
  • Personality Trait: Anyone can tell by looking that I am of noble title.
  • Ideals: I seek power as a means to answer the mystery of my lineage.
  • Bonds: Those that prove themselves gain my respect.
  • Flaw: I secretly believe that everyone is beneath me.

    My story starts with the marriage of my parents, who against the wishes of their families fell in love. My father Duke Bren Harrel was human, and my mother Eliel Solfaine was elven royalty. After receiving repeated threats to break off the marriage from both sides, they sought an Oracle to decide what to do. The Oracle told them they would endure great suffering, but would have a child, and that child would leave a mark on this world like none other.

    Almost 10 years to the day, that they sought out the Oracle, I was born to blood and death. Eliel had passed giving birth and within a year my father died as well, from a broken heart. That is when Caretaker Uren gained custody of me, and I’ve been with him ever since. He’s a nice old Sorcerer of 87 years, and has sheltered many Wards in his life, myself being the 6th. I spent my youth causing more trouble than most adolescent’s, and still love adventure and mischief. But joining the Delvers, has me questioning my purpose and stories of the Oracle my parents once met.


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Ender Solfaine

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