Payback's a Bitch

So our first mission out from training is to scout a previously unexplored entrance on an island owned by a small family. Easy contract. If it is worth something, make a contract with the family for exploration rites and set up base. If not, eliminate the entrance to prevent inadvertent contact between islanders and cavern dwellers. Until we scouted the island and found the ghost of a pirate captain who alleged evil activities upon the lord of the island. We return to base camp to find it scattered by the natives. We moved on to the town just to be assaulted by the natives. Something like they were possessed by blood ghosts. Easy cleanup except for the part where I get shot in the back by one of the spellcasters. Bloody lightning bolts hurt. Judging by the expression on his face when I turned on him, it was obviously a miscalculation. I was fighting his target. But damn! Anyways, a quick breather and some healing spells and we moved on to the keep. That proved a little tougher. One son was a lycanthrope, the other a ghost himself. That got interesting as it was difficult to hit him. Then he decided to possess the very same spellcaster that shot me in the back. Heh! A good solid crack to the back of the head with the flat of my blade and that body was useless to the ghost. And the upshot being when the mage woke up he’d have a bitch of a headache. The daughter had evidently locked herself in the dungeon to keep away from her father and brothers. Dad proved to be in the cavern attempting to raise some blood god. We get down there and take out dad, who gets eaten by his own god, karma that. We quickly dispatched the fledgling god and disovered that we had stumbled upon a research lab of the old Xethanians. We claimed the island and keep for the Delver’s Guild in general and “5 o’clock somewhere” specifically. Renamed the keep “Somewhere”. I think we’re set now.

Project Passenger

Ministry of Science building 045—— Final Days of the War——-
“Come in Lord Velker!!! Please respond!!” Oerbard waited in response by his radio for any response from the remnants of home base." This is Lord Velker, proceed Oerbard with your report.." Oerbard sighed in releif “Sir the forbidden weapons vault has been raided and the last item was taken. The last item we have yet to use has been taken! He took the Terranigma What do we do sir?” Oerbard waited for a reply in a cold sweat. “Oerbard if that was all he took then we proceed as planed, with your completion of Project Passenger we have nothing to fear of what The Explorer could do with the Terranigma….we will prevail …await for further orders Velker out.”

The Island

It had been a few weeks, our well oiled Team, “5 o’clock Somewhere” had placed top in our class, and even exempt from the final exam. Of course we took it, to show that we were that much more badass. In doing so, we achieved top ranking for a rookie team, and were qualified for Rank A assignments. Our first mission was between a survey position on an unexplored island, or a dig site on Guttenberg. And, we chose the virgin island, for what secrets it could hold.

After arriving on the island we set up camp and went exploring, in an attempt to circumvent the area, for anything out of the ordinary. We came across an undead Pirate captain that said he and many others had been victim to the lord of the island. After learning of this, we made our way back to the campsite, only to find it abandoned and several of our crew fleeing for their lives around the island. That’s when the fun began. As we walked into the small village, we could tell things weren’t right. The villagers were walking around like Zombies, had red eyes, and their flesh pulsated uncontrollably. Se slowly approached, and then attacked. Thyll lead the charge mowing down a couple. My peripheral vision could see the rest of my party land some solid blows and several of the villagers explode. But my vision was fixed on 2 that were next to Thyll. For the first time, I cast a lightning orb and attempted to split it in two. To my surprise multiplying the orb was quite easy, gauging the division of power, on the other hand was not. I did not balance the orbs as I launched the first one completely caught off guard by its power. It flew directly into Thyll’s back, scorching is armor and sending bolts of electricity into him. A loud “Ouch!!!” rang out, as he turned to give me an evil stare I hadn’t seen from him until now. I threw the 2nd orb with little power what so ever, still caught in Thyll’s deathgaze, but it at least hit its mark. Thankfully the first didn’t hit him hard enough to kill him, it just pissed him off, which isn’t bad during battle /snicker. Next thing, another Bloodbeast like we had seem before, exited the building next to me. I had one powerful spell remaining in my arsenal. So I said a prayer to Lady Luck and let another orb fly. It hit with such a force that I had never seen, and obliterated the monster in one electric explosion. I turned to my party with smug pride, as Aden disposed of its remnants. We now headed to the keep, to confront Lord Valmont, and make him pay for his indiscretions.

House of Horrors

They had their orders from father, take their sister Lydia and keep her locked in the basement with the captured hunter. Lydia had been used to this, all her life kept in a cage her whole family afraid of her. They feared what she was what she could do. She had hoped when Cyrilintha’s hunters came that they would free her and take her away from the House of Horrors she had grown up in. At least now for the first time in her life she had company of another the only survivor of the assault on the island before the Delvers came.

“Do not worry I will get us out of this.” Venik assured. " I shall deliver judgement on your brothers and your father and we will escape I promise." Lydia was not sure to think of her cellmate as mad or determined. Little did they know the horrors that awaited up above in the keep.

They remembered their fathers orders he would go to protect the crop and stop and kill the delvers. They were to remain here and guard their sister and kill the delvers in case they went to the keep first but their father was clear KILL THEM ALL even in death they will still serve a purpose. They understood their opponents were no mere foes after all they had dealt with the blood bags and their controller.The mainlanders will perish tonight…

Wet Dreams

I was dreaming of swimming. The water cool and quiet like glass. I made long easy strokes through the water from one end to the other. Then a soft shimmer and the pool became darker… The water temp began to slowly rise. The water becoming not only warmer, but thicker too. I stopped swimming and began to tread water. Before the room became a blackout I could see what I was swimming in. Blood. Frantically I tried to find a way out of the pool, but the water was so thick and all-encompassing that I couldn’t keep my bearings. I could feel myself getting tired and beginning to drown. My mind reeled….it knew this feeling.

The dream shifted and I was back home at the fountain with Lady Meredith. “NO!!” my mind screamed, but it was too late. She was holding me under water and not caring at all that the girl she was attempting to drown was only 13. She didn’t care that it had been an accident. Didn’t care at all that not two days prior we had been here together with our families. I ran out of breath quickly and began violently thrashing and clawing at any skin I could find. I could hear her muffled screams through the water…damn I’d forgotten how loud Merry was.

The dream shifted more and I was no longer an active participant in my own drowning but now a bystander to observe. I didn’t focus on me… I knew how that ended. Instead, I focused on Merry. She was soaked all the way through now and almost hoarse from screaming. Her hair, always so immaculate, was now hanging limply and forgotten down to her waist. Her eyes were wild and filled with tears. I doubt she even really knew what she was doing… her grief had clearly exceeded reason. What seemed like eons to me was in reality only a few short minutes. It’s hard to hide that you’re killing someone when the whole kingdom can hear you I thought cynically. All of a sudden her eyes went from wild, to shock, to empty as the dagger pierced her from the back. I could see my savior now… a little village boy not much older than me looking both amazed and terrified by what he had just done.

I woke to the sound of angry knocks at my dorm’s door. “What the Hell?” I said groggy. I got out of bed and wrapped the blanket around me. I opened the door briskly to find two of the schools staff right on the other side. “Yes?” I said sharply. “Miss Freya…..are you all right?” the first man asked. I noticed that they both seemed to have paled a bit. I took their cue and looked over myself quickly. I had forgotten to clean my face and skin. I was still covered in Killian’s blood. “Yes. Quite all right.” I said. “You’re needed with your group ma’am.” The second man chimed. “Right this second or am I allowed to shower first?” I asked. I slammed the door in their face before they could answer. I turned to Killian with a small grin, “It’s time for finals”.

Out of the Frying Pan...
And Into Something?

So we’re in our final test, right? This is graduation! I’ve been waiting for this for years. Nobody’s going to screw this up for me.

Except maybe my cousin. Damn you, Ivy! Splitting the group lost us valuable time. And pitted us against two obstacles at once, in smaller groups. It was fortunate for my group then that I stepped up to the plate and hit a home run.

The mechanical golems blocking our way and demanding our right of passage were easy enough to dismantle and reprogram, with a little help from Thyll who fancies himself a tinkerer. But Freya and Aden wandered off with Ivy, and Thyll, Ender, and I had no idea they were gone until we finished our work on those golems.

So a few more fiery and shifty obstacles down after coming to the same side Freya, Aden (what a cute butt!) and Ivy had taken, and we found ourselves…in the same place we would have been if we’d just stayed our original course! Another level of the testing dungeon to traverse, and we came across some transporter device of olden times. It lead to a deserted island beach, where we rested briefly and then continued on.

Our objective was to recover an item from a list of several, and we did find one of the items on that list. But then everything got weird. Our communicators were in and out, and the lights in the place were wonky.

So then a voice came up over the intercom, advising us that this was now personal. It was Jensen, whose plot to steal some students for whatever Gods-awful reason only he could say had been interrupted by our very own Delver apprentice party earlier. He’d made scarce, but I wasn’t expecting him to be able to usurp our entire testing controls. He must have backers.

“Hey, Ender? Care to place a wager on whether we end up acing this damned test or not? In light of everything going on right now, I’d say we’re screwed,” I said to the sorcerer with a wry grin.

I flashed him some coin from my purse.

“I’ve got seven silvers.”

While trying to egg the dragonblood into a bet, I was also glancing around the structure of the flashing, darkening lights. Maybe there was a way to trace the wiring back to wherever someone was cutting it off? I knew I didn’t need perfect light to see well, but some in this group did.

Like, oh, that sexy Cleric. One of the members most important to our integrity.

He flashed some light, and I cursed inwardly a bit. But still, follow the dying lights. Maybe that might get us somewhere. We still needed to get out of here to claim our prize, after all.

Darkest Black vs Hell's Fire

—Plegethos, Belial’s home Belial has been many things over the years, but perplexed is not one of them. He knows all that goes on in his dominion but knows not who the shadowy figure in front of him is or how it arrived but he has a feeling it is not to his benefice. With a wave of his hand his guards surround the living shadow standing before them. The shadowy figure unmoving, speaks “Belial the Dark Star sends his warning and reguards…Stay out of his realm the power you seek was not meant for you or others. This will be your only warning” With a wave of his hand the demons all jab into the cloaked messenger with their spears only to find empty cloth beneath…..

Making it Personal

Halzalm Testing Facility Central Control Room Jensen sighed “This is Exeter to home base. Come in..” a few seconds pass as the signal is transferred. “Exeter this is home base we have received your package via sky lift and are en route back to base. Your orders are to exfiltrate the hot zone and rendezvous at the new LZ do you copy?” Exeter rolls his eyes and sighs again..“That is a negative Alatross I am under pursuit and can not currently exfiltrate the hot zone will contact once on the move.” After more relay time a respond comes over the radio. “Situation understood you and your team contact us once you have escaped. Heil Vermillia!”

Exeter changes his com channel to local relay and begins to crack a smile “Well everyone you have your marching orders your identities are not compromised they are not expecting a surprise attack I have orders from HQ to execute every trainee your team finds I will lend assistance from here, get to work gentlemen.”

Much Ado About Angels

I needed to leave and now. The ladies on the dance floor fighting would be a perfect chance. The further I got from that crazy ass angel the better. He was still so lost in all thought about what he had planned for her that he hadn’t even notice she’d left. Visuals of him swimming in her blood while fucking her corpse came to the surface of my mind. I was out the door and walking down the alley like a shot.

“No, no, no….” I chanted. “Just breath. These are NOT your thoughts.” I whispered. I leaned over and wretched on the ground. It tasted like copper. I sat on the ground next to the dumpster and just breathed. In and out in and out. The cold air helped. The colder I got the more control I got. I wiped my mouth and got back up. “Killian’s not going to be happy.” I thought.

Killian was sitting outside our dorm when I got back. I was in his arms before he could say hello. Killian’s smile turned into a frown as he smelled me. “Sulfur?” he asked. “I saw an angel again…” I whispered. What little color he had in his face left. “Did you…do you need me to take care of it?” he asked. He would too she knew that. He had covered for her lapses ever since she was 12. “No. I got out of there in time.” I assured him. I gave him a long measured look. “I’m not going to be nice tonight” I said slowly. “It’s ok. Rather me than her.” he said. As he walked ahead of me to the room I said “Don’t forget the daggers”. There was only this barest of hesitations in his step before he nodded in acknowledgement. Being with someone your whole life had its perks sometimes…

Waking Up is Hard to Do

The banging on Krysta’s front door is loud. I hear those two goons from the School, Bruce and Lance, shouting for me. I struggle out from under her warmth, moaning softly as her skin slides across mine. My body is still tingling and slightly sore from the things we did to each other last night as I sit up on the edge of the bed. Ignoring their calls, I stand and walk weak-kneed to the bathroom.

My head throbs as the hot water of the shower washes down over me and I scrub my hair and body briskly. There was a lot of wine last night, too. I remember briefly the hours of training, betting on Hurst’s match and seeing him perform well for a change, and the group’s visit to the bar that led me to spending the night in Krysta’s arms. I almost got into a brawl with some Goblin pranksters, and Freya Halliwell instigated one with some priestess of Aethos. Or was that Thyll ex-Allyran? Hard to remember.

While I’m drying myself off, I hear Krysta rising from her bed to answer the door. Those who were sent to retrieve me are making some big fuss. I have to laugh a bit when I hear one remark incredulously that they found Ender Solfaine in the bed of a Goliath woman… he always did aim high. A brief thought crosses my mind that I have no clue what my distant cousin Ivellios Liadon was doing at all last night—he always did seem a little bit more tightly-laced than even my mom.

I step out of the bathroom in my tiny panties that Krysta likes so much that her enthusiasm seems to be breaking through the annoyed face she makes at first. I rub my hair dry with a towel as I eye her curiously. One of the two men steps around the corner to look for me, and flushes when he sees me standing there in the hall. I make no move to cover myself.

“We’re rounding up all the students who should have been at the dorms last night!” he says plaintively.

I give him my sweetest smile.

“Fine! I’ll be ready in a minute,” I reply.

I glide around him, letting the towel drop to the floor, and step in close to Krysta. Pushing my fingers into her hair, I find the back of her head and drag her down to my lips and give her the most soulful, full-bodied kiss I can muster. The two men might be watching, but I don’t care.

“I’ll be coming back for more,” I whisper in Krysta’s ear as I step away and let her collect herself.

“Give me just a minute to get dressed,” I smile to the two men sent to fetch me.

A few moments later, and I’m dressed, kissed again by Krysta, and out the door. My head’s still throbbing, not all of it from the alchohol, and there’s a huge grin on my face. I’m stepping lightly, and humming a tune Krysta and I had heard last night that we danced together to while walking back to her house. I’m thinking about how much I like her, when I actually hear something that they are saying to me.

“What do you mean, people have been disappearing from the School?” I ask them, my attention finally diverted from musing on the charms of a buxom and beautiful barmaid.


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