Character Generation
This is how you make your Delver

Ok everyone time for some O.O.C. postin’ but needed none the less here is rules for character gen as follows.

4d6 Take the Highest re-roll anything below a 10 ,roll up a set you can roll 2 sets pick whichever you like. Should you not like either set you can roll a third set BUT if you take the third set YOU WILL BE STUCK WITH IT. So if you like to gamble there ya go if not stick with the first 2 sets. Please keep the sets you rolled written down.

also see New Races for more character options.

Follow the rest of the book standard first level character gen but one notable difference. At the end of your character generation you may either take one of the following

a misc. +1 to an already proficient skill

proficiency in one skill you are not proficient in even if it is not part of your class

or one language of your choice please note for this selection you have two languages you can take that are not in the book also as options Xethanian and High Xethanian.

This is meant to simulate what you learned at the Delver’s Academy during your time there once we complete your time at the academy in game you will be able to keep your selection from this list as a permanent part of your character.

Little bit about setting technology.

Ok some more O.C.C stuff here just kinda wanted to relay some things about the technology level of this setting. The technology level is roughly that of WWII earth with a couple things here and there that are from more current times so yes there are guns, cars, things like that but also there is magic so if anyone has any questions about what they may be able to have based on the techological limits shoot me a msge and we can talk about it

So for GUNS if you have martial weapons proficiency you can use them, if you do not you can’t but with one notable exception if you have hand crossbow proficiency and are not a class with martial weapons proficiency you can change out that proficiency with that for handguns but the cost of this is that you lose your hand crossbow proficiency to illustrate that you learned how to use a gun as opposed to a hand crossbow. Except for Druids…guns are made of metal and shoot metal..it ain’t happenin lol.

The New Class

Foundation—- Union Ward- 1947 A.E (After Evacuation) Monday morning…….

“So the facility is ready, and you are sure Professor?” Ernst glared from underneath his glasses. Flynn knew this look all to well a look he knew but was still not affected by. Flynn staring back and finishing his sip of tea began to respond to his superior. “Well I am glad you asked sir, the damage caused by the Vellmarson saboteurs has been repaired to the living quarters of the school. The reset of the ahem, game room is complete and as you asked we have turned up the difficulty. All the faculty and training coordinators are ready and we have added more Adjudicators to make sure what happened last year will not happen again.”

Ernst sighs and smiles," Well Flynn that is good we are going to need tougher Delvers going forward if the data that those miscreants from Team D found is true then what we could be on the trail of is big, very big. Now Gustauvson what have you learned of the whereabouts of the thief that broke in last year your only lead was Ruben and you say he has no knowledge of her identity?" After a brief salute Astrid sits back down, “Well sir, as you are aware Team D had ran across the some of the lost articles the thief had left behind and was able to use them to traverse compression travel to find Ruben, his knowledge has helped immensely in filling in the gaps in research and development But no he has not been able to identify the thief. The past 4 days he has been unresponsive he has still been etching something in High Xethan on the wall in chalk.”

Ernst smiles and responds “Well I will be shifting responsibility for his care and research to another division I want you to focus on the new recruits and getting them into shape. The Adjudicators should have gone and fetched all of them and taken them down to the Medica building for physical exams before they are to be put into the convoy, you are both dismissed. May our lady of electric light shine upon you.”


“Awww, Aethos’ wilted purpled balls, Mom? A dress?!” I cried out in utter dismay as I unwrapped my gift.

My mother Caelynn blanched.

“Watch your tongue, young lady, or I’ll have your father tan your rear!” Mom blurted, glancing around with a horrified look to make sure no one else had heard me.

“Tan my rear? I’m not fourteen anymore, in case you haven’t noticed!” I scoffed.

She huffed better than any of the other prim little delicate butterflies at the acceptance party.

“So I guess Dad had a meeting… again,” I muttered just loudly enough for Mom to hear, while simultaneously trying to conceal my disappointment that once again Caelynn was the sole parent attending some event that was important to me.

“Shush now dear,” Mom said softly, “You know he has very important business to attend to. But I’m here. And I even took the liberty of writing an introductory letter to the Fitzsimmons for you, in case you decide against this… travesty. That Tomas of theirs is certainly a handsome fellow and available for marriage, they are quite well-to-do, and I hear very good things about his, ahem, bedside manner-“

“Mom! Marriage, really? Don’t you think if that’s what I wanted I could have found a man by myself by now? I’ve been accepted into Delver School, I want to explore, and discover things! That’s why I’ve worked my ass off for the past three years!”

I shoved the dress back into its box roughly and slammed it on the table. Eyes were already turning towards us with the rise in my tone. I didn’t care. I stood up.

“I’ve got places to go and things to see before I spend a moment in any man’s kitchen, sewing room, or bed-“ I started again as I smoothed my shirt down, but she interrupted with a sly smile.

“That isn’t what I’ve heard. At least, not about the latter part,” she said as she glanced down to her folded hands, “You know, at the rate you’re going, our family name will be colored.”

“Well, at least it will have some color besides lily white!” I exploded, and walked away briskly toward my room, leaving my gift to sit on the table and my mother to sit alone at the gathering.

In my room, I paced angrily for a few minutes before I started unpacking everything I owned from my packs, sacks, and pouches.

At least I’ll be away from her for a while, I thought grimly.

Dreams Were Made of These...

She woke suddenly with the echo of the dream still fresh in her memory. Those eyes burning red with greed and lust still at the forefront of her mind. The dreams were always worse when she didn’t feed.

As she stretched carefully she knew she would have to address this soon.. Her entire body felt tense with the never ending need. Her body temp was slowly rising and a light sheen of sweat was starting to appear along her skin. “Shit.” she whispered. She didn’t have as much time as she thought. If she didn’t get a move on she would be at His mercy and lose her right to chose.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed lacing her boots when she felt movement from the other side of the bed. “Freya?” a groggy voice whispered in sleep confusion. “Go back to sleep. I wont be long” she answered back. The voice gave a defeated sigh and tried to sit up but was still too tired and drained to quite manage it. “I know, just….just do me a favor and shower when you get back. Its you I want to sleep next to. Not them” he said with a hint of sarcasm. “There isn’t going to be a ‘them’ this time” she said as she reached for her gloves “He fed off me enough in my dream. I still have right of choice thank Lolth” she whispered back with a small grin.

“So that wasn’t me you were dreaming about this time?” he said with mock disappointment. “Trust me, you do not want a starring role in those dreams” she finished seriously. “I’m sorry Frey…Damn I know better than to tease about that” he said quietly. She leaned back and traced her finger along his shoulder following the Ranseur tattoo he now donned because of her. She gave the tattoo a light kiss and looked up at her consort. He was the only thing from home that she hadn’t left behind. Its not like he had given her a choice she thought musingly. “I know. Now go back to sleep Killian, Ill be back soon” she whispered. “Don’t be gone too long you start class tomorrow, remember?” he chided. She glanced at the clock and counted “Its still 6 hours away. Plenty of time”

She could still hear his light chuckle as she walked through the door and into the night.


Well the day had finally come for a new class of Devlers to start their training, and I was among them. Caretaker Uren had taught me all he could to get me ready for this day.

“Be careful my child, and be sure to keep in touch when you have time.” “These past 19 years have been good to me, I know you’ve had your fair share of mischief, but your parents would have been proud to see the man you’ve become,” Uren proclaimed, with tears coming to his eyes. “I know I wasn’t easy to raise and I was lost for some time, but your teachings with this opportunity feels like a calling,” I replied, giving the only man I knew as a father, a hug, and farewell. The sun was shining as I made my way to the training school. “At least Lex will be a classmate, she’s good with a knife, and other techniques” I said with a grin, while daydreaming down the street, all thoughts on the adventures ahead.

The 2nd Attempt

" I want ALL of the students accounted for!!! You lazy slags get off your asses and find them!!!!" She was shouting, the Adjudicators have heard it before they know this tone well. Astrid was on the warpath…Flynn was looking at his desk puzzled “You know Astrid, I really did not think they would try to take it again, this isn’t your fault. It is ok I promise.” Despite his best efforts of reassurance Astrid remained unaffected, same hell hound stare in her eyes. Moments later Bruce and Lance return to give their detail. “Well, Huff Huff we have all students accounted for.. except for two. We are missing Lazlo and Hurst. Neither of their teams have seen them since last night.” Without hesitation Astrid storms from the room shouting "Both of you come on, we have to find them and get it back get roadblocks ready and teams out on the road and FIND THEM!!! I WILL NOT HAVE A REPEAT OF LAST YEAR!!!

Waking Up is Hard to Do

The banging on Krysta’s front door is loud. I hear those two goons from the School, Bruce and Lance, shouting for me. I struggle out from under her warmth, moaning softly as her skin slides across mine. My body is still tingling and slightly sore from the things we did to each other last night as I sit up on the edge of the bed. Ignoring their calls, I stand and walk weak-kneed to the bathroom.

My head throbs as the hot water of the shower washes down over me and I scrub my hair and body briskly. There was a lot of wine last night, too. I remember briefly the hours of training, betting on Hurst’s match and seeing him perform well for a change, and the group’s visit to the bar that led me to spending the night in Krysta’s arms. I almost got into a brawl with some Goblin pranksters, and Freya Halliwell instigated one with some priestess of Aethos. Or was that Thyll ex-Allyran? Hard to remember.

While I’m drying myself off, I hear Krysta rising from her bed to answer the door. Those who were sent to retrieve me are making some big fuss. I have to laugh a bit when I hear one remark incredulously that they found Ender Solfaine in the bed of a Goliath woman… he always did aim high. A brief thought crosses my mind that I have no clue what my distant cousin Ivellios Liadon was doing at all last night—he always did seem a little bit more tightly-laced than even my mom.

I step out of the bathroom in my tiny panties that Krysta likes so much that her enthusiasm seems to be breaking through the annoyed face she makes at first. I rub my hair dry with a towel as I eye her curiously. One of the two men steps around the corner to look for me, and flushes when he sees me standing there in the hall. I make no move to cover myself.

“We’re rounding up all the students who should have been at the dorms last night!” he says plaintively.

I give him my sweetest smile.

“Fine! I’ll be ready in a minute,” I reply.

I glide around him, letting the towel drop to the floor, and step in close to Krysta. Pushing my fingers into her hair, I find the back of her head and drag her down to my lips and give her the most soulful, full-bodied kiss I can muster. The two men might be watching, but I don’t care.

“I’ll be coming back for more,” I whisper in Krysta’s ear as I step away and let her collect herself.

“Give me just a minute to get dressed,” I smile to the two men sent to fetch me.

A few moments later, and I’m dressed, kissed again by Krysta, and out the door. My head’s still throbbing, not all of it from the alchohol, and there’s a huge grin on my face. I’m stepping lightly, and humming a tune Krysta and I had heard last night that we danced together to while walking back to her house. I’m thinking about how much I like her, when I actually hear something that they are saying to me.

“What do you mean, people have been disappearing from the School?” I ask them, my attention finally diverted from musing on the charms of a buxom and beautiful barmaid.

Much Ado About Angels

I needed to leave and now. The ladies on the dance floor fighting would be a perfect chance. The further I got from that crazy ass angel the better. He was still so lost in all thought about what he had planned for her that he hadn’t even notice she’d left. Visuals of him swimming in her blood while fucking her corpse came to the surface of my mind. I was out the door and walking down the alley like a shot.

“No, no, no….” I chanted. “Just breath. These are NOT your thoughts.” I whispered. I leaned over and wretched on the ground. It tasted like copper. I sat on the ground next to the dumpster and just breathed. In and out in and out. The cold air helped. The colder I got the more control I got. I wiped my mouth and got back up. “Killian’s not going to be happy.” I thought.

Killian was sitting outside our dorm when I got back. I was in his arms before he could say hello. Killian’s smile turned into a frown as he smelled me. “Sulfur?” he asked. “I saw an angel again…” I whispered. What little color he had in his face left. “Did you…do you need me to take care of it?” he asked. He would too she knew that. He had covered for her lapses ever since she was 12. “No. I got out of there in time.” I assured him. I gave him a long measured look. “I’m not going to be nice tonight” I said slowly. “It’s ok. Rather me than her.” he said. As he walked ahead of me to the room I said “Don’t forget the daggers”. There was only this barest of hesitations in his step before he nodded in acknowledgement. Being with someone your whole life had its perks sometimes…

Making it Personal

Halzalm Testing Facility Central Control Room Jensen sighed “This is Exeter to home base. Come in..” a few seconds pass as the signal is transferred. “Exeter this is home base we have received your package via sky lift and are en route back to base. Your orders are to exfiltrate the hot zone and rendezvous at the new LZ do you copy?” Exeter rolls his eyes and sighs again..“That is a negative Alatross I am under pursuit and can not currently exfiltrate the hot zone will contact once on the move.” After more relay time a respond comes over the radio. “Situation understood you and your team contact us once you have escaped. Heil Vermillia!”

Exeter changes his com channel to local relay and begins to crack a smile “Well everyone you have your marching orders your identities are not compromised they are not expecting a surprise attack I have orders from HQ to execute every trainee your team finds I will lend assistance from here, get to work gentlemen.”


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