High Rollin'

So we killed a dragon type thing, and freed some hostages. Thyll, Ender, Freya and Ivy ran golems up against it while Adan and I ran some controls in this booth that helped out. As a result of this mayhem, we were each awarded Class S Delver status, and the title of Dragonhunter upon our return to Foundation.

Class S, hell yes! This is the kind of thing I’ve been working for all of my life!

I got an envelope with some kind of fancy invitation inside of it to go to a casino and lay down some cards. I’m pretty good at cards, so I accepted. It was from someone who called themselves the High Rollers. At first I was really suspicious. I mean, I did just get a hellacious gift from the Lady recently and luck seems to get drained or stolen in some of these casinos as a matter of course.

Turns out, the High Rollers all have chips just like mine. They weren’t interested in stealing mine, it seems to be more of a preservation society and fellowship of those who currently own chips. Sully is the leader or spokesman, he wears a weird zoot suit but seems cool. Jill is a cowgirl, boots and all. Borov is a fancily-attired Dwarf. Finge is a scaly Dragonborn.

All of them made me feel welcome, and Sully seemed a bit amused at my initial lack of trust. I mean, knowing what I know about the chip, I am surprised more people aren’t after it. I guess I can’t really push my luck with this thing like I wanted to at first. The pit bosses and casino lords would first be suspicious, and then be pissed.

These guys seem pretty okay to me. I suppose it will be nice having some folks around who know what I’ll be experiencing as the owner of one of these babies.

All in all, a pretty nice return. But we’ll go back out again soon, I’m sure. After all, we are Class S now!



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