Tag: Ender


  • Orientation

    _Well the day had finally come for a new class of Devlers to start their training, and I was among them. [[:uren-loflok | Caretaker Uren]] had taught me all he could to get me ready for this day._

    The Island

    _It had been a few weeks, our well oiled Team, "5 o'clock Somewhere" had placed top in our class, and even exempt from the final exam. Of course we took it, to show that we were that much more badass. In doing so, we …

  • Somewhere!!!

    _Well we got rid of Lord Valmont and his children, minus his pure daughter of course. After we uncovered the secret room, unrecorded before our unveiling, it seemed the keep and possibly the island was ours. If this turned …

  • The Deck

    Our time in [[Grozniv | Grozniv]] was a success. The temple that we entered had tests set up to try those that entered and reward those that succeeded. We battled a Minotaur and met an Avatar of a God. As a reward we were all given one question to …