New Races

Goblin-The goblins in the world of dig are a part of the Allied Force of Nations and are playable characters The goblins have evolved from the diminutive race they once were and have become a strong and proud race of people. The goblins have built their Island home in Taleveste Archipelago, a very physical people from their evolution and living in a tropical oceanic enviroment. Easy going and friendly they also have the world’s most advanced navy

You can chose +2 to either STR or DEX

You can gain proficiency in either Acrobatics or Athletics reguardless of class.


Speed 30

Languages:Common and Goblin and one of player choice

Eladrin and Asimar See DMG Page 286

Drachen-The Drachen are an alternative for Dragonborn statistics are still the same as in player’s with one modification with the Drachen having +2 to cha and +1 to str as opposed to the original stat modification. The Drachen also share in the same Draconic heritage as the Dragonborn but are more human in appearance than their dragonborn counterpart.

New Races

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