Religions of Dig

The standard religions that are available for use in this setting but there are some here listed that are specific only to this setting and are as follows:

stock-vector-golden-royal-green-shield-with-banner-detailed-vector-illustration-119737282.jpg Aethos Aethos The Liberator is one of the oldest religions in the world but not one of the most popular. The Aethosian religion began in the country of Grozniv, the country is ran by a theocracy of the Aethosian faith. The church’s founding was created by a separate group that escaped the Infinite Below that was lost from The Origional 1000. Legend has it that they were saved and guided to salvation by a warrior clad in green who was a paladin of Aethos the warrior guided them out but later died from an incurable disease. This group took the teachings of Aethos from a holy book that was with the warrior and founded their country and walled it off from the outside world.Domains- War

burial_blade.jpgThe Cult of the Forsaken Flesh-No one of the world that is of sane mind would dare call this cult a religion and for good reason. Most people are loathe to even invoke the cults name. They are universally reviled by any civilized nation, the cult roams and also hides within the infinite below abducting people to use as sacrifices in profane rituals. What little info has been gleaned from cultists that have been captured and brought to justice is that they are trying to construct a vessel for their god who will return to the world and take over all nations and people. To this day several thousand criminal cases throughout most of known civilization can be attributed to this fringe group.

Moon.jpgScyrilentha and the Hunters in the Dark The lady of the moon and her adherents are dedicated to hunting down and dispatching undead and aberrant horrors both in the world above and also in the infinite below. As part of their faith the hunters of Scyrilentha often form hunting bands and take down into the infinite below on hunts to wipe creatures to keep the world above safe.Domains-Knowledge and Nature

Su-.jpgAhmet Su-Rioh-The lord of the sun, is a fairly new religion in the world. The worship of the lord of the sun came from the great desert of Karth. The stories began with a recent incident of a four armed man weilding 4 golden scimitars descending from the sky and single handedly overthrowing the dictatorship in the capital through combat and establishing a new government then leaving. Tales also cite of the golden masked warrior working several miracles such as healing the sick and feeding the hungry before he walked into the desert alone. The people of Karth gave many reports of a man of this appearance wandering from town to town righting wrongs and working the same miracles then vanishing. Domains- Light and War

SAVRASTRAVAD.jpg Savrastravad the Dark Star The enigma known as Savrastravad has been reported to appear in many forms to his followers some know him as the Dark Rider, The Vengeful Shadow and The Dark Star. Long ago when the infinite below was created so was an anomaly known as Negative Space. From within the pockets of negative space he calls out to those who have been wronged those who seek revenge, those the Dark Star believes to show prospect are tested and if found worthy serve him as agents of his unfathomable plans. Domains Knowledge, Death and Trickery
Ladyofelectriclight.png The Source In the most recent years the Salvagers Union uncovered a source of energy contained within a lost power station inside the infinite below and brought it to the surface to provide electricity to most of the known world. What was not predicted at the time was that the energy contained within was sentient and alive, until it decided to leave the power station and interact with the world, over time through miracles this being of light has performed has began to cause a worship of it many calling it by what the Xethanians had named it as, only as a mysterious force called The Source. Domains-Life, Light and Tempest

Lady_Luck.png Lady Luck—The goddess of gamblers and thrill seekers Lady Luck has been around as long as anyone knew how to flip a coin. Favorable one moment and pernicious the next , the influence of this god can be seen when anyone folds at the table or rakes in all the chips at the end of a game. Her followers range from a fervent snipers wanting to bless their last bullet to hit home on a long shot all the way to a regular bloke who says " Well who knows lets see if this works. We might get lucky" Her adherents devote of worship to her within the confines of their temple, Fast Larry’s casino in the red light district of Foundation. Domains-Life and Trickery

Religions of Dig

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